Frequently Asked Questions

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Who should use Logic Hop?

Logic Hop is perfect for e-commerce websites, marketers, growth hackers, affiliate marketers, developers and small businesses that want to add personalization to WordPress.

If you want to convert your visitors into customers, you need Logic Hop.

What's required to use Logic Hop?

Logic Hop requires WordPress version 4.6 or higher and PHP version 5.4 or higher.

Logic Hop works does not work with sites hosted on or VIP.

How does Logic Hop store user data?

Logic Hop stores user data and activity for the user’s current session. Data is available as the user interacts with your website and remains accessible until their session expires – Typically when the user closes their browser, or after a few hours of inactivity.

Data storage, if on, is handled on a secure Amazon Web Services database for the length of time indicated by your plan.

Is Logic Hop Free? What are the Data Plans?

Yes, Logic Hop is free and fully functional with data stored in the current user’s session.

The optional Logic Hop Data Plans are paid services providing persistent data storage which allows you to access user data and activity every time the user visits your website. The plans also include added functionality such as IP-based geolocation.

A Data Plan is not required. Logic Hop is fully functional without an API Key.

Do I need to store data?

No – You do not! Logic Hop always works in real-time and you can use a lot of the functionality without storing data. User data is available on every page of your site during the user's current session.

When users leave your site their data is discarded. If you have data storage on, this will be securely saved and is instantly available every time a user visits your site for building lasting personalization profiles.

What are Add-on Integrations?

Add-on Integrations are plugins that extend Logic Hop to provide functionality for third-party services such as Google Analytics, WooCommerce and ConvertKit.

Add-ons are available with the different tiers of Logic Hop's Plans.

Do I need a specific plan to use Add-ons?

Yes – different add-ons are bundled with different tiers. See our pricing page for more detail.

Logic Hop tracks a lot of data points, will this overrun my WordPress database?

Absolutely not! With Logic Hop Data Storage all page, goal and tracking data is stored in our blazing-fast, secure Amazon Web Services databases. There is no data stored on your server or in your WordPress database.

Do I need a programmer to use Logic Hop?

Definitely not. Our click-to-build tools allow you easily create conditional logic and goals without any programming knowledge.

Can you help me get up and running with Logic Hop?

Yes! We offer set-up and integration plans.

We will work with you to analyze your goals and put together Logic Hop workflows to achieve them.

Click here to view our integration plans.

Can I use Logic Hop with other Plugins?

Yes, Logic Hop is engineered to work with all of your favorite WordPress Plugins, Widgets and Themes.

How do you calculate monthly visitors?

Monthly visitors are calculated based on the total number of visitors your site receives each month.

A great way to check is with Google Analytics or by running your domain name through 'get insights' tool at SimilarWeb.

What happens if I exceed my monthly visitor allocation?

We fully understand traffic surges and unexpected visitors. If you exceed your monthly visitor allocation, Logic Hop will continue to function. We'll evaluate and based on the traffic, we may ask that you upgrade to a more suitable plan.

Need a plan for more than 100k monthly visitors?
Contact us for enterprise pricing.

Can I use Logic Hop with multiple sub-domains?

Yes! Your Logic Hop API Key will work for your primary domain and any sub-domain thereof.

Each domain will have its own set of data and cookies for individual users. Data is not shared cross-domain. The Monthly Visitor count will be measured across all domains in use.

Can Logic Hop track users across devices?

Yes! If you're integrating with ConvertKit or Drip, Logic Hop can track users across devices.

How do I use Logic Hop Live Support?

Our Performance and Business Plans offer Live Support. Simply contact us with your domain name and question – We'll set up a real time support call over Skype or Google Hangouts.

My annual subscription paid for itself many times over in just a few weeks – Logic Hop has resulted in more signups, more people checking out my book and more coaching clients.

Jorge Vergara

Jorge Vergara, JAVEBRATT – Ionic Framework Tutorials

I'd been trying to figure out how to do site personalization forever. Finally found Logic Hop. It's earned me way more revenue than I've paid!

Justin Jackson

Jolt, Product People Club, Tiny Marketing Wins