Drip Add-on

Get personal and make sales with Drip!

Finally, you can use Drip data to personalize your WordPress website.

Integrate your mailing list and Drip data with your WordPress site to display more relevant messages, and boost your conversion rate. Tight integration with Drip functionality includes custom Lead Scoring.

With Drip for Logic Hop you can easily:
  • Message visitors directly – Show user’s name and location
  • Upsell premium products to your best customers
  • Offer coupon codes to tagged subscribers
  • Update subscriber tags & custom fields from your website

Create personalized experiences for your Drip subscribers.

The Drip Add-on is a WordPress plugin that extends the functionality of Logic Hop. With the plugin you can display Drip data to your subscribers and personalize your website.

Drip tags and custom fields can be used with any Logic Hop condition while Logic Hop goals let you add or remove subscriber tags and update custom field data. You can even increment custom fields to add custom lead scoring to Drip!

  • Display Drip Subscriber data & Custom Fields
  • Display content based on Subscriber Tags
  • Add & remove Subscriber Tags from Logic Hop Goals
  • Update Custom Fields based on website activity
    • Increment & decrement fields for lead scoring
    • Add custom content from forms
  • Works with any Logic Hop Goal or Condition

Included free with any Logic Hop plan.


  • WordPress Website
  • Logic Hop Plugin
  • Drip Account

View the documentation for full details.

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"Logic Hop has resulted in more signups, more people checking out my book and more coaching clients."

Jorge Vergara
JAVEBRATT – Ionic Framework Tutorials

"I'd been trying to figure out how to do site personalization forever. Finally found Logic Hop."

Justin Jackson - @mijustin
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