Google Analytics Add-on

Track Events & Pages with Google Analytics!

Add powerful Event & Page Tracking to WordPress with Logic Hop’s integration with Google Analytics.

Track actions and events triggered by users when browsing your website, and send the data straight to Google Analytics for in-depth reporting and analysis.

With Google Analytics for Logic Hop you can track events:
  • When a visitor downloads a PDF
  • Every time a link is clicked
  • When a visitor plays a video
  • After a series of pages are viewed

Page tracking can be useful for identifying a personalization as a unique page to help quantify and evaluate individual personalization metrics.

Add custom Event Tracking with ease.

The Google Analytics Add-on is a WordPress plugin that extends the functionality of Logic Hop. With the plugin you can easily use Logic Hop Conditions and Goals to send custom events to Google Analytics for powerful event tracking.

  • Send custom tracking events to Google Analytics
    • On page load
    • From Javascript events
    • When Logic Hop Conditions are met
  • Works with any Logic Hop Goal or Condition

Included free with any Logic Hop plan.


  • WordPress Website
  • Logic Hop Plugin
  • Google Analytics Account
  • View the docs for full details

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