Content Personalization for WordPress

Show the right content, to the right person at the right time.

Content Personalization – What is it?

Information is automatically gathered when people view your website. Such as:

  • What website referred the person?
  • Your Source: direct
  • Where is the person located?
  • Your State/Region: Virginia
  • Which content has the person viewed?
  • Have you viewed the Data Plan Page: No
  • What is the person’s Lead Score?
  • Your Lead Score: 1

Using this data, and MUCH more, we target individual users and show them custom content.

Master Marketing Automation

Show the right content, to the right person, at the right time.

Logic Hop Data Points

Automate Marketing

Click-to-build rules use real-time data to show the right content at the right time.

Logic Hop Data Points

Delight Your Audience

Display the right content for the right person based on over 40 pieces of data.

Logic Hop Data Points

Increase Sales

Relevant, personalized messaging builds a connection with users that gets results.

Personalization is Expensive - Why is Logic Hop free?

We believe personalization is a much needed tool for WordPress and should be available for all to use.

We also offer paid plans for data storage to remember users when they revisit your site as well as customer support. Add-ons are also available for 3rd-party services like WooCommerce & ConvertKit.

Our paid services fund development while providing value for our customers.

So Much More than Dynamic Text

Logic Hop gives you the power to get personal with every aspect of your site.

Goal Tracking

Turn Goals into Actions

Traditional goal tracking just stores data for analysis. Logic Hop gives you the power to use that data in real-time.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic Everything

Personalized text is great – Dynamic forms, videos, widgets & content modules changes everything (literally).

Powerful Redirects

Your Visitors Can Go To…

The right page! Finally, an easy way to add intelligent redirects that work based on real-time data & events.

"Logic Hop has resulted in more signups, more people checking out my book and more coaching clients."

Jorge Vergara
JAVEBRATT – Ionic Framework Tutorials

"I'd been trying to figure out how to do site personalization forever. Finally found Logic Hop."

Justin Jackson - @mijustin
Jolt, Product People Club, Tiny Marketing Wins

Want to get really personal? Check out our Data Plans & Add-on Integrations!