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Personalized websites are performing up to 200% better. Grow your business faster with content personalization.

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Logic Hop is GDPR compliant

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We’ve got you covered – Logic Hop is GDPR compliant! All data is fully anonymized and no personally identifiable information is stored – Ever. Logic Hop also has a variety of settings that make it really easy to work in tandem with your website’s consent cookie. You can even disable data storage entirely and still personalize your site.

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Add Amazing Personalizations In Minutes

Tailor-made for WordPress, Logic Hop gives you familiar tools to easily personalize any site.

Put query strings to work

Display the right content to specific users – Perfect for UTM codes, PPC ads & social media posts.

Dynamic content

Click-to-build conditional logic let you control any content element, including third-party widgets.

Display user data

Geolocation, dates/times, pages & more. Use data from WooCommerce, Drip & ConvertKit!

Personalize all the things

Forms, videos, buttons, widgets, images & content modules. Change styles with conditional CSS!

Automate your marketing

Powerful call-to-action conditional logic with just a few clicks. Default conditions get you started quickly!

Build functional funnels

Display content at the end of the funnel or redirect to the perfect page. Set goals to track future visits.

Looking to learn a little bit more?

Check out our How it Works page.

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Powerful Add-on Integrations

Logic Hop allows you to quickly and easily integrate with a variety of page builders and third party services such as Beaver Builder and HubSpot.

After you view the How it Works page this text & button will change!

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