We make really good use of anonymized data, offer full GDPR compliance where data is stored, and can even offer significant functionality without ever storing data.

How Logic Hop deals with data for GDPR compliance

Logic Hop strives to be fully GDPR compliant. Whether you’re in or serving customers in the European Union or not, this offers you a high standard of user privacy and data protection.

Logic Hop has data storage on by default, but it’s easy to tweak this for full GDRP compliance. We’ll get to how to do this later; first, here are some technical detail on the data Logic Hop can generate for each session (a session being a visit to your website):

  • Logic Hop can generate the following data for each session:
    • Geolocation, using IP address (geolocation is never stored).
    • Referring URL (the URL the visitor came from).
    • Landing page (the URL the visitor entered your website on).
    • Page(s) viewed on your website.
    • Goal(s) completed (if applicable).
    • Lead score (if applicable).
    • User agent (browser type)

How Logic Hop works if data storage is off

You can choose to not store any of this data. If data storage is off, the data listed above is temporarily available for the current session, but nothing is stored. When the visitor leaves your website, no data is stored. This makes you GDPR compliant.

Further, as Logic Hop integrates with third party tools you’re already using such as Drip, ConvertKit, Facebook ads, UTM codes, and more, you may not need to store the data Logic Hop generates to use the plugin how you want. You may even be able to generate all the personalizations you need in real time, with nothing stored!

Where you’re integrating or only working in real time, Logic Hop is not storing any data itself, and thus your existing privacy options will suffice for GDPR compliance.

Learn more about Data Storage Configuration

How Logic Hop works if data storage is on

You can store this data and still be GDPR compliant. If data storage is on, the data listed above is stored by Logic Hop on a secure Amazon Web Services database, and a cookie referencing the data set is stored on the visitor’s computer. On returning visits, this data is pulled from the database and future actions are added to the data set pertaining to the user’s cookie.

If you’re storing data, we have a number of features built-in which you can use to store data and offer GDPR compliance:

  • All Logic Hop data is anonymized – No personally identifiable information is stored or captured by Logic Hop.
  • All IP Addresses are anonymized – The last octet of IPv4 addresses and the last 80 bits of IPv6 addresses are set to zero and the full IP addresses are never stored.
  • Geolocations are never stored – Location data is calculated in real-time for the current session.
  • You can choose to only store data for users that have a consent cookie present for this site. Logic Hop can integrate with your existing solutions for this – for example the EU cookie law – for simple permission from EU users.
    • Alternatively, you can disable data storage for visitors from the European Union but have this on for the rest of the world.
  • Logic Hop automatically adds suggested privacy policy text to the policy WordPress can create for you. This is available from the WordPress Dashboard at Tools → Privacy.
  • Any user can review, export, or delete the data Logic Hop creates for them by visiting this page. This is linked with instructions from the privacy policy.

These features make it straightforward to make sure you’re GDPR compliant when using Logic Hop. If you have any queries we’ll be happy to help: click here to get in touch

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