Data Protection and Privacy

Logic Hop strives to be fully GDPR compliant and it is our commitment to provide the highest standard of user privacy, data protection and transparency.

Logic Hop provides content personalization services to WordPress-powered websites. Our service gives websites the tools to personalize their content based on user activity.

Logic Hop can generate the following data for each user:

  • Geolocation, using IP address (geolocation is never stored)
  • Referring URL (the URL a visitor came from)
  • Landing page (the URL a visitor entered the website on)
  • Page(s) viewed
  • Goal(s) completed
  • Lead scores
  • User agent (browser type)

All Logic Hop data is fully anonymized and no personally identifiable data is ever stored by Logic Hop. While we do provide Geolocation based on visitors’ IP Addresses, location information is provided in real time and never stored. Additionally, the last octet of IPv4 addresses and the last 80 bits of IPv6 addresses are set to zero to anonymize all IP Addresses – This is the same technique Google uses.

Websites using Logic Hop have the option to set a cookie to associate the anonymized data with returning visitors. Cookie consent and storage duration is up to the individual websites. Cookies are set by the website, and never by Logic Hop.

Logic Hop also provides tools for websites that provide the ability to:

  • Disable data storage for all users
  • Require cookie consent for users located in EU countries before storing data
  • Require cookie consent for all users before storing data

Accessing Your Data

If you have visited a website that uses Logic Hop and would like to view and/or delete your data, please fill out the form below and include the following information:

  • Website URL
  • Date Visited
  • Cookie value of the “logichop” cookie
    • Cookies can be viewed and managed from your web browser’s settings

Data Request Form

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