Looking to build a website for your business?

No matter what kind of business you run – be it an e-commerce store, an agency or a solopreneur business – your website will need to make your business look credible. Because if customers don’t trust your business, then you can bet they won’t be spending any money with you.

Not only that: your website also needs to be high-converting. After all, there’s no point pouring money into creating a gorgeous website that doesn’t produce results. A big part of increasing your conversion rate is being able to meet your customers’ needs, and that can be done with the help of dynamic website personalization.

And finally, your website has to help your business stand out from the crowd.

Fortunately, if you take care of the first two things mentioned here, you will be miles ahead of your competitors. Itching to know more? Then read on to learn what we mean…

3 must-haves in your digital marketing plan to stay ahead of your rivals

The competition online has grown only stiffer over the years. Especially with the ongoing pandemic, which has spurred on many businesses to start building their online presence.

So if you want to dominate in the online space, be sure that your digital marketing plan includes strategies for:

  1. Conveying a credible online image. As the online front of your business, your website has to inspire confidence in potential customers. In this regard, you’ll want your website to be well-designed and built on a premium and reliable platform to ensure high performance.
  2. Retaining the attention of website visitors. If visitors don’t like what they see on your website, or get bored, then they might leave and never return. So you’ll need your website to deliver relevant content, and a pleasant user experience, to keep your visitors engaged. For example, if you run a bakery and know that a customer is looking for wedding cakes, then you’ll want to try to show them as many content pages and offers related to wedding cakes as possible.
  3. Optimizing your website for conversions. Ultimately, you’re going to want to try and encourage your website visitors to convert – whether this is to sign up for your email list, buy your products or make a reservation. People love feeling special, so if you can provide a personalized customer experience on your website, then they’ll be more receptive to taking the actions you want them to take. This is where using a powerful content personalization plugin becomes vital, but more about that later!

What should you use to create an outstanding website that supports dynamic website personalization?

Well, it starts with picking the right website platform. And while there are many platforms for creating a website out there, WordPress.com is a strong contender worth checking out.

WordPress.com - the world’s most popular website builder

WordPress.com is a managed hosting solution that not only offers a platform for building your website on, but also hosts your website for you. It’s not to be confused with WordPress.org, which provides only the open-source software for websites, and where you’d need to host your website yourself.

With WordPress.com, you avoid the potential hassle of downloading software, paying for hosting and managing a web server. Instead, you can start building your website right away using an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

WordPress.com offers a free plan, which comes with free themes, basic website stats, brute-force attack protection and basic SSL security, among other features. But to get the most out of the WordPress.com platform, we’d recommend upgrading to the WordPress.com Business plan.

The WordPress.com Business plan contains premium features that are particularly suited to businesses looking to maximize the conversion potential of their website, without sacrificing speed or performance. These include:

  1. The use of your own custom themes and plugins, so you can flexibly upload custom-developed themes or install a content personalization plugin for dynamic website personalization.
  2. Removal of the WordPress.com branding to increase the professionalism of your website, and keep the focus on promoting your business.
  3. Automated site backups for peace of mind. If needed, restoring your website to a previous version can also be done with just one click.
  4. Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools that allow you to customize the meta descriptions of your posts and titles.
  5. Unlimited email support for the times where you need help with your website. Annual subscribers to the Business plan also enjoy 24/7 priority live chat support.

How to create a website that supports dynamic website personalization with the WordPress.com Business plan

1. Create a WordPress.com account

To get started, sign up for a free account on the WordPress.com website.

Sign up for WordPress.com

Next, fill out your website’s domain name. This will be the website address that people will use to visit your website, and is typically based on your business name.

Choosing a domain name for your WordPress.com website

You’ll then need to choose a plan for your WordPress.com website. You can start with the Business plan, or pick a different plan that suits your needs better.

Choosing a plan for your WordPress.com website

2. Choose a website theme

Now here comes the fun part: choosing a website theme for your website!

There are countless WordPress.com themes available, whether from the official WordPress.com theme repository or third-party websites. Pick a sleek theme that has the features and layouts that you’d like your website to have. Or as mentioned, you can also upload your own theme for use.

The Restaurant theme for WordPress.com websites

Importantly, for dynamic website personalization, your theme should be one that will enhance personalized content. For example, check that your theme is fully responsive, such that it seamlessly tailors its layouts to visitors’ screen sizes.

3. Install your WordPress.com plugins

If you’re on the WordPress.com Business plan, you’ll be able to install plugins to extend the functionality of your website. So don’t miss out on the chance to do so!

There are many types of plugins you can consider using, such as social sharing plugins, image gallery plugins and plugins for adding e-commerce features. But for dynamic website personalization, you will need a content personalization plugin such as Logic Hop.

To install Logic Hop, click on Plugins in the left sidebar of your WordPress.com dashboard. This will load your list of existing plugins (if any). Click on Add New at the top, then search for the Logic Hop plugin.

The one you’ll want to install is called “Logic Hop – Content Personalization for WordPress.”

Installing the Logic Hop plugin

(If you happen to see other Logic Hop plugins, these are add-ons for other WordPress plugins. You don’t need to worry about them for the time being.)

Activate your Logic Hop plugin, then click on the new Logic Hop option in the left sidebar, followed by Settings.

Key in your domain name and license key, then save your changes. And your WordPress.com website will be all set for dynamic website personalization!

Maximize conversions by implementing dynamic website personalization on your WordPress.com website

Offering a personalized customer journey helps boost your visitors’ experience on your website, and incentivizes them to stay on your website for longer to check out what you offer. And afterwards, your visitors may be more persuaded to convert – which is great news for your business.

That said, although content personalization is such a key digital marketing lever, many businesses choose not to cater for dynamic website personalization – despite knowing the potential benefits of doing so. According to a B2B study by sales enablement platform Seismic and marketing research and advisory firm Demand Metric, this could be due to reasons such as the business:

  • Not knowing how they can implement dynamic website personalization on their website.
  • Finding it too difficult to do so.
  • Having tried it, but the dynamic website personalization not working as well as the business had hoped.

The study doesn’t seem to say what respondents used for their dynamic website personalization efforts. But we’re confident that they would’ve had a better content personalization experience with the Logic Hop plugin, because of its:

Ability to serve a highly personalized website experience

Logic Hop data profile demo

Logic Hop offers many different ways of building data profiles on users, so you can serve them the right messages that will catch their attention. For example, Logic Hop can build visitor profiles based on:

  • Geolocation, i.e. which country the visitor is from.
  • How they arrived on your website, e.g. as a direct visit, or from a Google or Facebook ad.
  • The pages that they visited on your website, e.g. if a visitor viewed your article on marketing, then they could be profiled as a Marketer.
  • Information stored in other platforms and tools, including ConvertKit, Drip, WooCommerce, and Google Analytics.
  • And dozens of other criteria!

Powerfully, Logic Hop also allows you to customize your website down to the smallest details, from not just your text but also your images, to even the widgets of your WordPress.com website. And it even works with page builders like Elementor, Divi, and Beaver Builder, giving you total flexibility over how you build your website.

Such flexible content personalization is invaluable for e-commerce stores, small businesses, large agencies…practically any business, actually!

Ease of use

What’s more, you may not even need to build your customizations from scratch in Logic Hop!

That’s because Logic Hop offers a wide range of Recipes, which are ready-made content personalization templates that you can add to your WordPress.com website in a few clicks.

For example, there are Recipes for:

  • Customizing your messages to new and returning visitors (whether they found you via an ad or otherwise).
  • Customizing messages shown to buyers on the WooCommerce thank you page after checkout.
  • Identifying visitors from GDPR countries.
Logic Hop REcipes

You can use these Recipes to get your dynamic website personalization up in minutes! And if you need more custom personalization, Logic Hop makes that a breeze, too. A full suite of tutorials and instructional videos will help you implement any personalization strategy in no time at all.

Great value for money

Logic Hop offers three paid plans at $199/year, $399/year and $999/year. All these plans come with unlimited content personalization – which means that you can customize your website to your heart’s content at one flat annual rate!

Logic Hop pricing

This is handy for budgeting purposes, as you’ll know exactly how much you will be paying for Logic Hop. Other content personalization plugins may not offer such pricing predictability, especially if they charge sliding scale fees based on your number of monthly website visits and leads.

Dynamic website personalization made easy with the WordPress.com Business plan and the Logic Hop content personalization plugin

In the past, just having a website was enough to give you an edge over your competitors. But with practically every business having a website nowadays, you’ll need to adopt new tricks for growing and retaining your customer base.

Content personalization is the way to go in this regard – people love getting VIP treatment and feeling like their needs are being met, and offering a personalized experience on your website can do exactly that. Yet, dynamic website personalization still isn’t a common practice, so this is your chance to get ahead.

If you’re looking to build a professional-looking website that offers dynamic website personalization, using the combination of the WordPress.com Business plan and the Logic Hop content personalization plugin may be a great solution.

These are both value-for-money options, and well worth the investment. We’ve covered Logic Hop’s pricing above, and you can view the pricing of the WordPress.com Business plan here.

How will your business reap the benefits of content personalization?

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