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PPC Visitor CTA

This clever recipe checks for a utm_source value in the visitors’ URL and, if one is found, stores a Logic Hop Goal. The goal lets you identify that user on future as someone who’s clicked on one of your PPC ads or social media campaigns.

Three personalizations content areas include:

  • Visit without a utm_source value
  • Visit with a utm_source value
  • Returning visitor who has come to the site with a utm_source value.

UTM codes are typically used with PPC ads or other inbound links. You will need to set the utm_source value within your ad or social links.

Copy the Logic Block shortcode and paste it within header tags, such as <h1></h1> or <h2></h2>, on any page. You can also use it for content blocks anywhere on the page.

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Recipe Details

  • Type:
    • Logic Block
  • Adds:
    • Goal
      • PPC Visitor
    • Conditions
      • UTM Source Not Set
      • Returning PPC Visitor
    • Logic Block
      • PPC Visitor Call-to-Action
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