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Visitor from State

This recipe uses geolocation to automatically detect the visitor’s location and determine which state they’re located in. If the state matches one of the states you’ve specified, you can display a custom message for that user.

Two personalizations content areas include:

  • Visit from within one of the states specified
  • Visit from outside the specified states

Three default states are included in the condition, but you can easily change them to suit your needs. You can also set a single state if you choose.

After uploading the recipe, view the Visitor From State condition and update the list of states to suit your needs.

Copy the Logic Block shortcode and paste it within header tags, such as <h1></h1> or <h2></h2>, on any page. You can also use it for content blocks anywhere on the page.

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Recipe Details

  • Type:
    • Logic Block
  • Adds:
    • Condition
      • Visitor From State
    • Logic Block
      • Visitor From State Call-to-Action
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