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WooCommerce Order Received Message

Display a message on your checkout page for users who have successfully completed an order.

We use this on the Logic Hop checkout page to display our “How to Get Started” video.

The WooCommerce Order Received Message recipe creates a condition that detects when a WooCommerce order has been received. The method of detection looks for term “wc_order_” within the query string “key”. This term is returned on the checkout page when an order has been successfully placed.

This recipe should be used on your WooCommerce Checkout Endpoint page which is typically your-domain.com/checkout.

After uploading the recipe, view the WooCommerce Order Received Message Logic Block to edit the content.

There is one content personalization area that will be displayed for visitors who have just successfully completed a checkout.

Copy the Logic Block shortcode and paste it within header tags, such as <h1></h1> or <h2></h2>, or anywhere else on your checkout page.

This recipe can also be used in widgets that appear on the checkout page.

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Recipe Details

  • Type:
    • Logic Block
  • Adds:
    • Condition
      • WooCommerce Order Received
    • Logic Block
      • WooCommerce Order Received Message
  • Requirements:
Yo ! Thanks for checking out Logic Hop!