Is Your WordPress Website Ready To Get Personal?

Personalized websites perform up to 200% better. Logic Hop for WordPress automates your marketing & makes it easy to generate huge increases in conversions.

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Personalized landing pages for ads

You spend a lot of time crafting PPC ad variations to specifically target different customers. But when those clicks lead to the same generic landing page the message is lost. With Logic Hop you can automatically display the perfect message for each ad resulting in 25-45% higher conversion rates.

Our Logic Blocks™ makes it easy to create personalized CTAs in minutes – All on a single page. Use our default conditions, or craft your own, and never lose conversions from a generic message again.

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Recipes for amazing results

Personalizing your site doesn’t have to be difficult. Logic Hop Recipes are ready-made personalizations you can start using in minutes. We’re constantly adding new recipes and if there’s a personalization you need, we’re happy to craft the perfect recipe for you!

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Always show the right message

You’ve probably always wanted to be able to add a promotional banner to the top of your website to entice users. What if you could dynamically show that banner to specific people and craft the message to their need? Now you can with our Logic Bar™ – It’s as easy as selecting the condition and entering your message.

Want to show a message to first time visitors? How about visitors from Virginia? What about showing a specific message only on Thursday? Logic Bars™ make all this possible and more.

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Why Should You Personalize?

Lower Bounce Rate

Personalized content gets visitors’ attention.

Engage Customers

Visitors spend more time exploring your site.

Create Loyalty

Builds a relationship: Turns visitors into customers.

More Sales

Personalized calls-to-action convert 200% better.

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Powerful personalized marketing for WordPress

Tailor-made for WordPress, Logic Hop gives you familiar tools to easily personalize any site.

Put query strings to work

Display the right content to specific users – Perfect for UTM codes, PPC ads & social media posts.

Dynamic content

Click-to-build conditional logic let you control any content element, including third-party widgets.

Display user data

Geolocation, dates/times, pages & more. Use data from WooCommerce, Drip & ConvertKit!

Personalize all the things

Forms, videos, buttons, widgets, images & content modules. Change styles with conditional CSS!

Automate your marketing

Powerful call-to-action conditional logic with just a few clicks. Default conditions get you started quickly!

Build functional funnels

Display content at the end of the funnel or redirect to the perfect page. Set goals to track future visits.

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"Logic Hop has resulted in more signups, more people checking out my book and more coaching clients."

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"I'd been trying to figure out how to do site personalization forever. Finally found Logic Hop."

Justin Jackson - @mijustin
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