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Lead Score Met

This powerful recipe creates a Logic Bar that is displayed on all pages after a user reaches a specific lead score. Perfect for displaying coupon codes and special offers to help seal the deal, this recipe is fast becoming a favorite for online stores.

After uploading the recipe, view the Lead Score Met condition to set what lead score you want the user to reach before seeing the Logic Bar. The default value is 5. Click here to learn more about using lead scores.

Once the lead score is set, view Logic Bar First Visit to edit the content. The recipe is created in Draft mode. Clicking Publish will activate the Logic Bar.

Learn more about adding & using Logic Hop Recipes.

Learn more about working with Logic Bars.

Recipe Details

  • Type:
    • Logic Bar
  • Adds:
    • Condition
      • Lead Score Met
    • Logic Bar
      • Lead Score Bar
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