Logic Hop is the best content personalization plugin for WordPress and we’ve just launched even more features with the release of Logic Hop 3.0. Simple to install and quick to get started, Logic Hop takes care of all your personalized marketing.

Personalized marketing: the future of WordPress websites

How it Works - GoalsTraditionally, your website could only say one thing to all visitors. But your visitors aren’t all the same, and they aren’t all at the same stage in the buying process.

Sure you could try getting around this by keeping your site regularly updated, studying user behavior, adding more blog posts, creating multiple landing pages, and hoping the right people see the right thing at the right time.

Or you could take control over who sees what by using personalized marketing – personalizing what your website visitors see based on actual data, including browser history, on-site behavior, purchase history, user preference, and more.

If you run a WooCommerce store, this might mean presenting a past buyer with a $5-off coupon the next time they visit your site. If you run a job board, it could mean prompting a repeat visitor to go ahead and apply.

According to a recent survey by Business 2 Community, most marketers who implement personalization currently see a 1-20% improvement in their KPIs.

But while 96% agree that personalization boosts customer relationships, only 30% are ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ satisfied with the personalization they have in place.

Before now, personalization was really expensive and difficult to do – way out of reach of most WordPress website owners.

That’s where Logic Hop comes in: it makes personalized marketing easy and affordable for everyone.

Some Logic Hop personalization examples

Let’s take a look at a small selection of ways you can use Logic Hop to get more leads, more conversions and more sales:

Show personalized landing pages to visitors, based on referral page.

Display location specific WooCommerce products.

Tempt repeat visitors with related products they’ll love.

Greet users with text and visuals coordinated to the time of day in their location.

Create the feeling of a one-to-one experience by linking to your ConvertKit mailing list and displaying a user’s name.

Use a book chapter as a first visit lead magnet, followed by a Buy Now call to action on the second visit, and a discount code on the third visit.

Logic Hop & GDPR

Logic Hop makes really good use of anonymous data and we never store any personally identifiable information. We’ve also made it easy to control how data is stored and provide means for users to request, view and optionally delete their data.

From the May 25th 2018, GDPR comes into effect in the EU, along with stricter rules around data storage and processing. With this in mind, we’ve made it easy for you to selectively manage data for EU users.

Read full detail on Logic Hop privacy and GDPR here.

More about Logic Hop 3.0 features

This is a big-deal update for Logic Hop. Here’s some of the other great features you can expect when you download the plugin:

Get automated: In just a few clicks, build powerful conditional logic for dynamic content display. Get started even faster using pre-made template conditions.

Content personalization: Click to build content personalization conditions and easily create onsite Goals to identify and target visitors. You can control any WordPress content element, including third-party widgets.

No caching conflicts: No need to worry about caching conflicts – Logic Hop uses JavaScript so that even the most heavyweight caching by your website host won’t stop your content from being as dynamic as you need it to be.

Display dynamic user data: Dynamically add any supported data type to your website, including dates, times, traffic sources and geolocation.

Page builder integration: Logic Hop functionality works within any WordPress content area, so that means it should work with your favorite page builder. We also have additional special integrations: Logic Hop works beautifully in SiteOrigin Page Builder widgets and we have a Logic Hop module in WP Bakery.

Tons of data points: Choose from over 40 points of real-time data, including goals, page views, geolocation, referrers, query strings, dates, times, and more.

Personalize everything: You can display literally anything you want and personalize your website appearance with dynamic forms, videos, buttons, widgets, images, content modules, conditional CSS, and more

Track query strings: Display content to specific users based on query strings – ideal for referrals from ads, social media posts and Google apps. Used in conjunction with Logic Hop Goals, you can continue to identify users on future visits.

Next-level personalization: Take personalization to the next level by adding in data from third-party services like ConvertKit and Drip, as well as tools such as WooCommerce. Yep, you can even greet users by name!

Functional funnels: Create powerful funnels, dynamic site paths, and set Goals – then Logic Hop will automatically display content to users as funnels are completed, redirect users to the right page at the right moment, and track and identify users on future visits.

New, simpler pricing model

For this new release, we’ve simplified our pricing model. We now have three plans: Personal, Professional and Business, along with the option to scale further with a bespoke Enterprise plan.

All plans will now come with data storage included and vary based on the number of monthly visitors and add-ons. Each tier includes all of our Add-On integrations for third party services such as WooCommerce, Google Analytics, ConvertKit and Drip.

For all our existing customers: we’re grandfathering your current plans.

We hope you love the new Logic Hop update as much as we do! As always, get in touch if you have any questions. If you need any help getting set up we’d be most happy to book in a call.

We can’t wait to see what you do with Logic Hop! Content personalization for WordPress just got easy, and it just got really effective. Try out Logic Hop today.

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