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Logic Hop integrates with Gravity Forms to provide personalization using form data. You can easily create conditions and display Gravity Forms data to create an engaging, personalized experience.

Note: Gravity Forms functionality requires the Logic Hop Gravity Forms Add-on.


Enabling Forms for Logic Hop

To make a form available for use in Logic Hop the Form Data setting must be set to Available in Logic Hop in the Logic Hop Settings menu of the form.

Within the Gravity Forms form editor:

  • Under the Settings menu, click Logic Hop
  • On the Logic Hop Settings page select Available in Logic Hop
  • Click Update Settings

The Form Data setting must be set for each form you’d like to enable for use in Logic Hop. The default setting for all forms is Disabled for Logic Hop.

Logic Hop form settings

Form Submission Data

When form is submitted with Logic Hop enabled:

  • The Form ID is stored with the most recent Entry ID of the submission
  • Field data is available for use in Logic Hop
    • Field data is never stored remotely by Logic Hop
    • All data remains stored within your Gravity Forms Entries

When a form is submitted more than once Logic Hop will store the most recent Entry ID. Field data is pulled from the most recent form entry.

Returning Visitors

When a visitor returns to the site their form entry data is automatically loaded from Gravity Forms and made available to Logic Hop. GDPR Settings can override this and prevent data from being accessed.

Field Labels

Logic Hop uses the Field Label to lookup and access field data by default. When an Admin Field Label is set it is used in place of the Field Label. Spaces in labels are automatically replaced with underscore characters. Labels are case-sensitive.

  • A Field with a Field Label set to First Name would be accessed by:
    • First_Name
  • A Field with a Field Label set to Favorite Color and an Admin Field Label of Colors would be accessed by:
    • Colors

Note: If two or more forms are enabled for Logic Hop and both have a field with identical Field Label names the data from the most recently submitted form will be used for that value.

Field Settings

Fields can be disabled from use in Logic Hop. This field-by-field setting allows full control over which data is made available within Logic Hop.

The current field setting determines if field data is available when the visitor accesses the site. The setting can be enabled or disabled at any time.

Logic Hop field settings

Important Note: Logic Hop uses sessions or transients to temporarily store data for each user. This data is stored on your web server and never stored by Logic Hop. Forms that have a large number of fields or contain fields with large text values could cause memory and performance issues. It is always best to disable unnecessary fields and only use the minimum fields necessary for your needs.

Displaying Gravity Forms Data

Logic Hop provides a variety of integration points for Gravity Forms including displaying form data within WordPress content using Logic Tags, Javascript or PHP.

Display Gravity Forms with Logic Tags

Logic Tags can be added from the Logic Hop tool in the WordPress Page/Post editor. Click the Data tab, select a value and click Insert Variable.

Like all Logic Tags for data, the Gravity Forms Logic Tag is a single block of code which appears as:

{{ var: GravityFormsData.##Field Label or Field Admin Label## }}

Replace ##Field Label or Field Admin Label## with the corresponding Gravity Forms Field Label or Field Admin Label. Spaces in label names are automatically replaced with an underscore.

A field with the label First Name would be accessed using:

{{ var: GravityFormsData.First_Name }}

If the data is available for the user, it will be displayed on the page. Logic Tags can be nested within HTML tags and also within Logic Tag conditions.

View the full list of Gravity Forms variables.

Using Gravity Forms Data with Conditions

Gravity Forms data can be used as parameters in Logic Hop Conditions.

Learn more about Logic Hop Conditions.

Gravity Forms Condition Types

The Logic Hop Condition Builder will display all Gravity Forms condition types available for use. Each can be used alone or combined with other condition types to create complex logic.

  • Gravity Forms: Form Submitted
    • Has a specific Gravity Forms form been completed
  • Gravity Forms: Field Value
    • Does data from a Gravity Forms field meet the specified criteria

Gravity Forms Variables

  • GravityForms array
    • Form ID integer
      • Entry ID integer
  • GravityFormsData object
    • Field Name string
      • Field Data mixed
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