Logic Hop Update Notices

Update Notices


Remove PHP Sessions

Release date: 02-10-21

This update removes PHP Sessions from Logic Hop to fix the Critical Warning which appears in the WordPress Site Tools report.

With this update it is necessary to update all of your Logic Hop plugins at the same time. We suggest you Disable auto-updates for all Logic Hop plugins in advance of the plugin updates on 02-10-21.

Auto-updates can be disabled from Dashboard > Plugins by clicking disable auto-updates next to each of your Logic Hop plugins

When you are ready to update to 3.6.0:

  • Test the update in a staging environment if possible
  • Temporarily deactivate all of your Logic Hop plugins
  • Install the updates for all of your Logic Hop plugins
  • Reactivate each starting with Logic Hop followed by Logic Hop Local Storage
  • View your site in an incognito window to make sure there are no errors

We’ve done extensive testing and are confident you shouldn’t experience any issues. However, if you do run into any issues, please let us know and we’ll work to correct them ASAP. We’ve also provided a ZIP file with the previous version of each of our Plugins if you’d like to roll back to their earlier releases.

If you have any questions or run into any issues, please let us know. You can always reach us at info@logichop.com.


Option to Disable Geolocation

Logic Hop Settings option to disable geolocation provides performance and speed increase for sites not using geolocation.

  • Replaced deprecated media_buttons_context hook with media_buttons
  • Added samesite and secure parameters for logichop cookie
  • Added logichop_apply_custom_logic filter to allow override when evaluating conditional logic
  • Added new conditional logic:
    • in_reverse
    • in_reverse_i
    • not_in_reverse
    • not_in_reverse_i
  • Added setting to disable geolocation
  • Fixed data preview tool – Always loads most live data


Set/Delete Goals from Anchor Links

Any HTML anchor link can now be used to set and/or delete single or multiple goals.

3.4.1 also includes the following functional updates:

  • Data Preview Tool CSS update to prevent rendering issues with some themes
  • Fix issue that could cause PHP warnings


Redirect Variables

Use variables in Logic Hop Redirects – Great for redirecting visitors to dynamic URLs or appending query string data.

Operating System Condition

Logic Hop now auto-detects visitors’ operating system and makes it available for use in conditions.

3.3.5 also includes the following functional updates:

  • Added delete goal option for goals set from HTML elements
  • Fixed issue with HTML element replacement for Javascript Variables
  • Added .logic-bar-dismiss CSS class to close Logic Bars on click
  • Updated Data Preview Tool CSS to solve rendering issues with some themes
  • Added logichop_session_display() function to console log data in debug mode


One-Click Duplication

Now you can easily create duplicates of Logic Hop Conditions, Goals, Logic Blocks, Logic Bars, and Redirects. Simply click the Duplicate link under the item you’d like to copy on the list view page and a new draft will be created.

Anti-Flicker Mode

Using caching and Javascript Mode? Enable Anti-Flicker Mode in your Logic Hop Settings to eliminate content flicker that sometimes appears before your page is fully rendered.

Anti-Flicker Mode works by hiding the <body> allowing the page to render before being displayed. Also included is an adjustable timeout setting which forces the page to render in the unlikely event Logic Hop takes too long to load.

New Conditions

New Conditions have been added to provide even more personalization options.

Conditions include:

  • Landing Page
    • First Visit
    • Current Session
  • Language
    • Visitor’s language code specified in their browser
  • Cookie
    • Any cookie set for the visitor
  • Server
    • Any PHP $_SERVER parameters

Logic Bar Pop-Ups

Logic Bars can now be styled as pop-up windows. Also introduced are new Logic Bar display options allowing Logic Bars to be displayed on:

  • Page Load
  • On Scroll
  • On Click
  • On Exit Intent
  • After a set amount of time

Quick Settings & More

Logic Hop 3.3.4 also included Quick Settings making it much easier to configure Logic Hop to fit your needs.

3.3.4 also includes the following functional updates:

  • Fixed issue where session wasn’t available on redirect
    • Changed allows cookie name to be set by existing session
  • Fixed broken links on settings pages
  • Removed required plugin class to prevent conflicts with themes & plugins

As always, if you experience any issues please let us know and we’ll work to resolve them immediately.


Data Preview Tool

Logic Hop 3.2.5 introduces a new Data Preview Tool which provides the ability to set test user data in order to preview logic and conditions.

Learn more about the Data Preview Tool


Dynamic Embedded Content

The Shortcode [logichop_embed] has been added that will allow for Logic Hop Data variables to be used with WordPress Embeds. This will allow for dynamic content based on Logic Hop data such as query strings.

Dynamic Instagram embed based on query string ?instagram=##Instagram Post ID##:

[logichop_embed]https://www.instagram.com/p/{{ var: Query:instagram | default: Bvk5R26AYrz }}/[/logichop_embed]

Dynamic YouTube video based on query string ?youtube=##YouTube Video ID## processed with the Shortcode [embed]:

[logichop_embed shortcode="embed" width="1920" heigh="1080"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v={{ var: Query:youtube | default: dQw4w9WgXcQ }}[/logichop_embed]

Note: The [logichop_embed] Shortcode will only work when Javascript Mode is disabled.

Transients Class

A minor update was made in how the Logic Hop Transient Class is included when Transients are enabled. This should help prevent an error from occurring if Logic Hop is called after PHP headers are sent.

Learn more about Logic Hop Transients.


Javascript Cookies

Prior to 3.2.3 Logic Hop cookies were set in PHP using the setcookie() function. While this works in most scenarios, some hosting environments block and/or cache cookies that are set via the Set-Cookie header.

Setting cookies via Javacript allows the cookies to function as expected.

Transients for Logic Hop

By default Logic Hop makes use of PHP Sessions for temporarily storing user data. The new Enable WordPress Transients setting temporarily stores user data as a WordPress Transient in the WP_Options table rather than PHP Sessions.

The Delete Transients setting enables an optional Cron job which will automatically delete expired Logic Hop Transients.

Learn more about Logic Hop Transients.


Nested Logic Tags

Logic Hop 3.2.2 includes a new beta feature, Nested Logic Tags, which allow for conditions within conditions.

Nested Logic Tags are disabled by default. To enable:

  • Visit the Logic Hop Settings
  • Check the Enable Nested Logic Tags
  • Click Save Changes to save your settings

Once enabled please take a moment to review your pages which contain Logic Hop conditions and confirm everything appears as expected.

If you experience any issues please let us know and we’ll work to resolve them immediately.

Learn more about Nested Logic Tags.

Goal Groups

Logic Hop 3.2.2 also introduces Goal Groups which allows for new ways to easily segment and profile site visitors.

Learn more about Goal Groups.

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