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The Logic Hop Data Preview Tool allows you to input and set test user data to help visualize logic and conditions.

Enabling the Data Preview Tool

The Data Preview Tool can be accessed from any page on your site when the Enable Session Output option is enabled.

To enable the Data Preview Tool:

  • Navigate to the Logic Hop Settings page
  • Check the Enable Session Output option
  • Click Save Changes

Note: The Enable Session Output option should only be enabled when testing and debugging your website. It should be disabled for active websites.

Using the Data Preview Tool

Logic Hop Data Preview Tool

To open the Data Preview Tool:

  • Visit your website in an incognito window
  • Navigate to the page you’d like to preview
  • Press the ESC button to open the Data Preview Tool

Testing & Preview Tips

  • Preview your personalizations in a different browser
    • For example if you normally use Chrome, preview using Firefox
  • To view a new session quit and reopen the browser
  • To reset and view as a new visitor clear the browser Cookies & Site Data
    • Chrome: Choose Clear Browsing Data from the Chrome menu
    • Firefox: Click Clear Data under Preferences > Privacy & Security
    • Safari: Choose Clear History from the Safari menu
  • Alternatively you can delete the logichop cookie for your site to reset and view as a new visitor

To set data using the Data Preview Tool:

  • Click the input field you’d like to update
    • All fields with white backgrounds will be updated
  • Enter the value in the input field
  • Click Update Data

By default the preview tool provides input fields for the most common Logic Hop data.

To enter additional and custom data:

  • Click to enable the Variable Input text area
  • Enter the data you’d like to set as key/value pairs separated by commas
    • To target arrays, separate elements using :
    • To target objects, separate keys using ->

To set the number of times a page has been viewed:


The above code sets the page with the ID 4 to have been viewed 5 times.

To set the Query Store variable for utm_source:


The above code sets the Query Store value of utm_source to newsletter.

To set the Gravity Forms variable for First Name:


The above code sets the Gravity Forms variable First Name to Bob.

View the Logic Hop Variable Reference.

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