How to Install & Configure Logic Hop

If you’re familiar with WordPress plugins, Logic Hop can be easily installed and configured by completing the following steps.

Please Note: Logic Hop requires Administrator level access to the WordPress Dashboard. If you’re unfamiliar with installing WordPress plugins, speak with your WordPress Administrator about getting help installing Logic Hop.

Install the Logic Hop Plugin

Step 1

Click “Add New” on your Dashboard Plugins page, search for Logic Hop, click “Install” and then “Activate”.

Plugin Installation


Make sure your have Administrator access to the WordPress Dashboard and that your using WordPress 4.6+ with PHP 5.4+. Logic Hop will not work with hosted websites.

Still having trouble? Click here for help.

Configuring a Logic Hop Data Plan

Step 1

Signup for a Logic Hop Data Plan. Don’t have a plan? Click here to signup.

Step 2

Visit your account Subscription Page and copy your API Key.

You can access your subscription Page by clicking the Get API Key link in your signup email, or by visiting the My Account page.

Please Note: The Domain Name in your account settings should be the primary domain name of your website without any sub-domain or ‘www’. Your Logic Hop API Key will work with your primary domain name and any sub-domains of that domain.

Example: will work with, and

Account Settings

Step 3

Enter your API Key on the Logic Hop WordPress Settings page. The Javascript Referrer should match your Domain Name. Click the Save Changes button.

Using Javascript or a WordPress Caching Plugin? Click here to learn more about Javascript Tracking. Click here to learn how to use Logic Hop with Cache Plugins.

Plugin Settings

Step 4

If all your information is correct, the page should reload and display Logic Hop API Status: API Enabled. Congratulations! You’re ready to start using Logic Hop!


Are you seeing Logic Hop API Status: API Disabled? Make sure you’ve entered your API Key correctly and that the Domain Name is the same on the Plugin Settings and on your Subscription Page.

Still having trouble? Click here for help.

Updating to a new version of Logic Hop

Logic Hop plugin updates will appear as notifications within your WordPress Dashboard. To update, simply click the “Update” link under the Logic Hop plugin. Prior to updating, we recommend backing up your Logic Hop Conditions and Logic Hop Goals.

Logic Hop Back-up

Backup your Logic Hop Conditions and Logic Hop Goals as two separate Export Files from the WordPress Dashboard Tools > Export page.

Important Note: Do not click the “Delete” option for the Logic Hop plugin. Doing so will delete your Logic Hop Conditions and Logic Hop Goals. If you accidentally delete your plugin, the Conditions and Goals can be reimported from the backup export files saved in Step 1.