Logic Hop Update Notices

Update Notices


Nested Logic Tags

Logic Hop 3.2.2 includes a new beta feature, Nested Logic Tags, which allow for conditions within conditions.

Nested Logic Tags are disabled by default. To enable:

  • Visit the Logic Hop Settings
  • Check the Enable Nested Logic Tags
  • Click Save Changes to save your settings

Once enabled please take a moment to review your pages which contain Logic Hop conditions and confirm everything appears as expected.

If you experience any issues please let us know and we’ll work to resolve them immediately.

Learn more about Nested Logic Tags.

Goal Groups

Logic Hop 3.2.2 also introduces Goal Groups which allows for new ways to easily segment and profile site visitors.

Learn more about Goal Groups.


Javascript Cookies

Prior to 3.2.3 Logic Hop cookies were set in PHP using the setcookie() function. While this works in most scenarios, some hosting environments block and/or cache cookies that are set via the Set-Cookie header.

Setting cookies via Javacript allows the cookies to function as expected.

Transients for Logic Hop

By default Logic Hop makes use of PHP Sessions for temporarily storing user data. The new Enable WordPress Transients setting temporarily stores user data as a WordPress Transient in the WP_Options table rather than PHP Sessions.

The Delete Transients setting enables an optional Cron job which will automatically delete expired Logic Hop Transients.

Learn more about Logic Hop Transients.