Using Logic Hop with Widgets

Logic Hop is fully integrated with WordPress and any Logic Hop Condition can be used to determine if any Widget will be displayed to a specific user.

Logic Hop Conditions are automatically available for all Widgets. The default display state is set to “Always Display”.

Add Conditional Logic to a Widget

Widget Managment

Step 1

Within the WordPress Dashboard Widgets section, select the Widget to which you want to apply conditional logic.

Step 2

Using the “Display If Logic Hop Condition Is:” menu, select a Logic Hop Condition to determine if the Widget will be displayed.

To display the widget when a Condition is NOT met, click the “Logic Hop Condition Not Met” checkbox.

The default option “Always Display” will apply no conditional logic to the Widget, and it will always be displayed to all users

Please Note: You must create a Logic Hop Condition before any will appear in the dropdown menu. Click here to learn how to create Conditions using the Logic Builder.

Using a Caching Plugin? Click here to learn how to use Logic Hop with Cache Plugins.

Conditional Widget Javascript

When Javascript Tracking is enabled, widgets with Logic Hop Conditions are wrapped in a <span> with the CSS ‘display’ property set to ‘none’.

Conditions are evaluated after the page loads and, if met, a jQuery .fadeIn() event is triggered to display the widget.

Enclosing <span> Tag

<span class="logichop-js" style="display: none;" data-cid="2" data-event="fadeIn">...widget content...</span>