Data Storage Configuration

Logic Hop Data Overview

All Logic Hop data is fully anonymized and no personally identifiable data is ever stored by Logic Hop. While we do provide Geolocation based on visitors’ IP Addresses, location information is provided in real time and never stored. Additionally, the last octet of IPv4 addresses and the last 80 bits of IPv6 addresses are set to zero to anonymize all IP Addresses – This is the same technique Google uses.

Websites using Logic Hop have the option to set a cookie (“logichop”) to associate the anonymized data with returning visitors. Cookie consent and storage duration is up to the individual websites. Cookies are set by the website, and never by Logic Hop.

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Consent Cookie Video Tutorial

Simple GDPR Compliance

To ensure GDPR compliance with Logic Hop data, set the Require Consent option to “Visitors from GDPR Countries” and leave the “Consent Cookie” option empty. This will ensure that no data is stored for visitors from GDPR Countries and the “logichop” cookie will not be set.

With the above settings, all Logic Hop functionality will be active and available using data from the current session. However, no data will be stored after the user’s session ends and no “logichop” cookie will be set.

Logic Hop provides four options for requiring consents for data storage:

  • Require Consent – Never

    • Sets the “logichop” cookie and stores data for ALL USERS
  • Require Consent – Visitors from GDPR Countries

    • NO DATA STORAGE FOR GDPR COUNTRIES without Consent Cookie
    • Sets the “logichop” cookie and stores data for USERS NOT IN GDPR COUNTRIES
  • Require Consent – Visitors from European Union

    • NO DATA STORAGE FOR EU COUNTRIES without Consent Cookie
    • Sets the “logichop” cookie and stores data for USERS NOT IN THE EU
  • Require Consent – All Visitors

    • NO DATA STORAGE FOR ANYONE without Consent Cookie
    • Does not set the “logichop” cookie or store data

When the “Consent Cookie” option is set, the “logichop” cookie WILL BE SET and DATA WILL BE STORED for any user with who has the Consent Cookie set.

Logic Hop recommends the GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin for setting a Consent Cookie.