It’s been a busy winter for Logic Hop and with the spring forward to Daylight Savings Time here in the US we wanted to shine a light on some of our latest updates!

Elementor & Divi Page Builder Support

We’ve released two new free add-ons to provide advanced integration for Elementor & Divi Page Builder. Now it’s even easier to personalize your site using your favorite page builder – Simply select the right conditions for modules or widgets and you’re ready to go. Check out the add-ons to learn more.

Gravity Forms Integration

Logic Hop now offers a free add-on for Gravity Forms to provide personalization using form data. You can easily create conditions and display Gravity Forms data anywhere on your site for current and returning visitors to create an engaging, personalized experience. See how to use Gravity Forms for personalization.

Categories, Tags & Custom Taxonomies

Categories and Tags add a new level of site activity data to Logic Hop. Create conditions based on taxonomies viewed to build your own recommendation engine! You can even use your own custom taxonomies – Learn how here.

Custom Post Type Support

Now you can add your favorite Custom Post Types to Logic Hop to have any post type tracked and that data available for use in Logic Hop Conditions. See how it’s done.

Logic Hop Redirects

Logic Hop Redirects make it easy to redirect visitors from specific pages and posts to any URL based on Logic Hop Conditions. Easily add conditional redirects and set the status code to provide total control of your site flow. See how to add a redirect.

Custom Object

Want to bring your own data into Logic Hop? The Custom Object is an empty container within the Logic Hop dataset to which you can read and write data. Display data on your site or use it within conditions, the Custom Object opens Logic Hop up for endless types of personalization. Learn more here.

Selective Caching

If you’re using a cache plugin and have Javascript Mode enabled you can now use Page Render Settings to selectively enable or disable Javascript Mode on a page-by-page basis. This gives you full control over which pages are rendered post-load by Javascript or pre-load by PHP. Learn more here.

Faster Performance

Logic Hop has always strived to be super fast and with version 3.2.1 we’ve increased our data update speeds even more with batched data storage. This happens automatically behind the scenes and we’re seeing 3x better performance!

Awesome Affiliate Program

Our new affiliate program is really straightforward – Refer customers and earn cash. We’re offering 20% recurring commissions, that’s right, recurring commissions! You can even earn a commission on your own purchases. Learn more about becoming an affiliate.

All New Documentation

With great new features and functionality comes new documentation. Not only have we added new docs, but we revamped our entire documentation library – Check it out! We even wrote our own Markdown plugin to make writing documentation even easier. It also has some cool features to make it easy to display Logic Tags as code samples. If you’re an affiliate, this could be a great tool for you to use when writing about Logic Hop!

But wait, there’s more!

We’re here to help you get up and running – We’ll even help you craft personalizations for your site. Be sure to let us know if you have any questions or want to book a time with us.

Yo ! Thanks for checking out Logic Hop!